Wednesday, October 1, 2014

birthday mayhem

On Monday was Garry's Birthday. Luckily he had the day off work. It was so lovely to be able to spend it together. 
We had a relaxing morning, doing very little while the older 2 were at school. Garry opened cards from his mum and mine.
 This present has been waiting for him for several weeks so he was delighted to finally get to open it...
 My mum made him this Elvis jumpsuit. He is so happy with it, it is amazing!!

 When the older 2 got home they quickly did their homework and went and got changed. I heard Rebe say to Benny: 'Come on let's do it fast and then there will be Birthday Mayhem!'....

donuts instead of a cake

much calmer mayhem


lots of love
 We went out for a gorgeous dinner at Blue Haven in Kinsale. The food was amazing and the service super. The kids were beautifully behaved so the whole experience was very special.

the only mature picture I got of him from the whole day

banana split mayhem

Joa's ice cream and 'jelly fish'
 After dinner we took the kids to see the Giant's Cottage, but we had to be very quiet in case we woke him.
 There was time for a quick concert before heading home...

 Thankfully, our gift to Garry had arrived just in time so he got to open it when we got home again...
Birthday Mayhem...albeit very calm and lovely :-)