Sunday, March 6, 2016

yesterday around the house...

flowers from Benny for Mother's Day

Eggs from the 5th

some of my favourite things

messy work table (that is a fake poo by the way!)


on Joa's bed

minecraft birthday card by Joa for his friend

Happy Mothers Day cake from Rebe

Thursday, March 3, 2016

spring knitting

 Looking at these pictures makes me realise how much I have been looking forward to spring. Winter has been a bit of a slog this year, lots of grey skies, lots of wind and lots and lots and lots of rain. But the days are getting longer and we've been getting lots of beautiful days of late.
Crafting is slow here, painfully so at times. Ena does not go to bed in the evenings and is rubbish at napping too unless she is being walked in the buggy (and obviously walking and knitting don't go together) or is in the sling, so my hands are never free to make things for any length of time.
Luckily I knew it would be this way  so everyone waiting for a doll understands how very slow I am this year, so slow in fact that the 2016 waiting list is now full!
Saying that I sometimes get a few minutes here and there to work on some projects.
I had wanted to knit this robin for years, and once we got going it was quick. Last week I made the nest and the kids started to really play with it, so we needed eggs next and Rebe knitted the little robin chick, then of course we needed worms for the mama to bring for the baby. It was lovely watching them play with this little home made set and to hear what an amazing understanding they have of bird life..
Ena's need for a new, bigger sweater gave me permission to make her a bumble bee one. The yarn is a gorgeous soft superwash 100% wool and it made it big enough to last several months at least :-)
The rainbow dungarees you've already seen but people wanted to see an action shot :-)
I am not sure what is going to be on the needles next, I have a really interesting doll project at the moment, but I think I will knit a little something on the side too...any ideas?