Sunday, February 27, 2011

our best christmas present :-)

For Christmas this year my little brother Chris gave us a wonderful present... tickets for the family to go to Peter Pan on Ice, showing at the Cork Opera House, and today was the day.

We spent the morning finding Peter Pan costumes...

Rebe is wearing her Peter Pan cardi and Benny the waistcoat I made last year.
Rebe of course made a card for Peter, in it she asked me to write...Dear Peter, I really love your show.
I hope you will come to my house sometime soon.
Lots of love Rebe
The kids were so excited we had to go for a walk to the shop to get some of the sillies out before grabbing lunch and bundling into the car...Being in the theatre was super exciting. Rebe gave her card to one of the ushers to take to Peter.Before the show started Andy took Rebe to touch the ice on the stage.
The show itself was just brilliant. The costumes and the choreography were wonderful. There were some super props. Although there was no talking the kids followed the story, probably because they know it so well.
Rebe loved the music and kept noticing how different characters had different kinds of music. The drums of the red Indians made her tummy 'feel all funny' :-)
Benny was just fascinated. He sat on Andy's knee with his mouth open and didn't move for the whole of the first half. He laughed out loud at the funny crocodile and really enjoyed it, probably the most of all of us.During the interval Andy bought us some treats, Benny managed a few 'cris-mis-mis-mis' before the lights went down again and the rest sat uneaten as he became drawn back into the action on stage. Joa on the other hand grabbed hold of my ice cream and wouldn't let go! I had to eat the rest of it hidden behind his back :-) We had dinner out then drove back home into a gorgeous sunset. It was a completely lovely day :-) I only have one small complaint... how is making dinner a team effort when one of the team is asleep?

Thank you so much Chris! xxx

Friday, February 25, 2011

Happy Birthday Andy!!

On Thursday it was Andy's birthday.
We started the day with making him cards... and banners...
We blew up balloon and made a cake

Who said to many cooks spoil the broth? The cousins all worked together to make a delicious chocolate fish cake

We celebrated with the birthday boy,

wishful thinking Andy!

He opened his presents (look at the excitement on Rebe's face as he opens her gift to him)

She thinks he needs lots of help with the sellotape

She made him his fancy birthday boy hat, a card and

this wonderful boat with him fishing in it.

He went fishing with his brother and nephew and son in the afternoon (they caught nothing of course, but had a wonderful time). In the evening we all strolled down to the local pub and had a delicious dinner there. I think he had a really special day.
We love you Andy x x x

full house, full hearts

We have been so delighted to have our cousins to stay for the last few days.
Andy's younger brother and his family have just returned home from a wonderful visit with us.
It was filled with joy and laughter and play and good food and lots of wine and crafting and fishing and walking and shopping and baking and celebration and cuddles and chasing and chatting. cousins creating
exploring the woods


Gin and Gary

The mummy's and daddy's (I didn't realise how unflattering my jacket is lol)

checking the wishing well

writing in the sand (Lily- you are the best)


Joa has had another horrible cold and chesty cough needing lots of cuddles (and little sleep). But luckily there were many people around to give him cuddles. He also spent the afternoon snuggying this balloon.

big cousin love

We love you guys thanks for coming x x

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

royal pegs

Benny and I were looking after a friend of ours yesterday while her mummy went to the dentist. She came with her peg dolly, who was slightly on the naked side so we set about making her some clothes... We cut lots of circles of cloth with holes in the middle for her dresses and made teeny, tiny crowns from felt that we decorated with sequins.
At this point Benny decided he wanted a peg doll too...

I didn't have a proper peg-doll-peg but he was happy to make do.
It was a lovely morning.
Today was filled with cleaning and tidying and cooking in preparation for our visitors who arrive tomorrow morning.
Lots of cooking so i don't have to do it when they are here.

In true Laura style I got a bit carried away tidying up the spare room. I needed to make space for the cot and got side tracked sorting and clearing all my making things. Andy made me these really cool shelves to put all my stuff on. I thought I'd show you before I did any work in it...

yarn waiting to be knitted into wee tiny doll cardi's

some finished dolls waiting to be shipped

books and patterns and at the bottom of the pic works in progress

ribbons and yarn for hair

fabrics and old clothes to be upcycled

I even tidied up my drawers...lets see how long that lasts lol!

I'm looking forward to our visitors and Andy's birthday, it's going to be a good few days :-)

Sunday, February 20, 2011

making things...

I can't believe another week has gone by. I haven't posted much this week. I'm feeling a little uninspired and a little like I've just not had the time to do nice things worth blogging about. I feel like blaming this on school. I feel it is eating up our time and I am a little resentful of it. What time we do have left of the day is taken up with chores and home work and then Rebe is so tired there is little energy or enthusiasm to do anything else.
I find myself longing for the summer holidays where long days stretch ahead of us to be filled with the things we love to do. I find myself thinking perhaps we should have home schooled. It doesn't help that Rebe's behaviour has been a bit trying, it's as if she just can't catch up with herself. Joa too is stuffed up with another cold...but on a good note he has been SLEEPING THROUGH, or near enough! I'm still quite disbelieving of this however ;-)
So, with all the tiredness and grumpiness and snotty noses we have been home a lot giving us some time for making. Here's what we've been making... A little 11 inch doll for my etsy shop (I loved making this little guy and will definitely be making more smaller dolls).

Benny making eggy bread (look at Lambie with his pinny on he he)
Rebe making Andy's birthday present and me working on this doll...

She's a little custom order I got from someone through etsy. She's a 3rd birthday present. I feel so honored that I get to make her :-)

Rebe made a nest

A funky slouchy hat in blue and orange I knitted for a friends son. She is a photographer and I am hoping that instead of cash money she will give me a few lessons to help me take better pictures of my dolls and things.
And finally I made 4 of these padded draw string bags...

They are Andy's birthday present. He has been getting lots of fishing reels from ebay lately. I know in the past he has just chucked them into his ruck sack when he goes out fishing so I though these bags would give them a little more protection. I'm going to get some of those key ring tags so he can write on which reel is in which one without having to undo them. I hope they'll be useful! It's odd, I think I'd feel weird if I didn't give him something handmade, does anyone else feel like this about gifts?
So, there we have it. Not much going on apart from lots of making. Next week is another story though, we have long awaited relatives visiting. The children's only cousins, so we are very excited about that. Also it is Andy's birthday and then on Sunday we are going to the theatre (our christmas present from my little brother) to see Peter Pan on Ice.
Going to have lots to tell you about next week to make up for this week.
Hugs x

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Superhero's To The Rescue

Inspired by this months Families Create theme, 'hero and heroines', I would like to tell you a story....

It was a quiet, Sunday afternoon and our hero's were at play when, all of a sudden, their super-hero ears picked up a tiny cry; 'Help, help!!'
Someone small and probably very cute was in trouble!
So, quick as a flash (well about 18 and a half minutes) they got dressed and took off in the direction of the call.

The shadows were stretching long in front of them, the hero's knew that dark was coming and they must hurry.

They dashed through the tunnel of trees, unafraid of what beasts and monsters may be hiding there.

They squelched through treacherous mud that tried it's very best to pull their wellies off. But the hero's could not be halted.

The gnomes in their tree called to them and told them to keep going, they were going in the right direction.

Out onto the cliff, the wind buffeted and blew them.

The sea roared and threw itself against the rocks in order to splash them with it's cold foam, but the hero's battled on.

There, the call again : 'Help, help, turn around you went past me!'

The hero's turned back and traced the voice to a tree, and in that tree...

oh look, a tiny lost bear.

' We hear your call, don't worry we'll rescue you!'

super stretching reach

Got him! Luckily superhero Rebe had brought a blanket to wrap him in, to keep him warm on the way home.

The little bear got bathed, and fed and watered. Well and truly rescued I'd say!

Another mission successfully competed and another very sweet, lost, orphaned addition to our household. Well done Superheros!
(Benny and I spotted this little bear in the tree a few weeks ago on our walk. We had told Rebe about him and we had left him in the tree in case his real owners returned. On Sunday when we were trying to decide where to go for our walk Rebe suggested we go back and see if he was still there and rescue him if he was, and so the mission was born.)