Monday, April 6, 2015

easter sunday

knitted bunny made by Rebe for Joa (Benny and Garry got one too and I got a fairy)

hunting for eggs

sharing out the eggs found

 Garry's elvis bunny and his groupies

gorgeous easter cupcakes made for us by our neighbour

i still have my wee egg, we are 4 ish weeks away from hatching still

All is good here under rainbows. We've been very busy and also there has been a lot of poorlyness in the house hold, though thankfully everyone is on the mend again. We are into our second week of holidays and I hope this week to do a little more with the kids than recuperate, although that was what we needed last week. We're getting very ready for the new arrival, we hosted our last party on good friday, I have just finished the last doll I am going to do, we have a new (old) chest of drawers ready for all the tiny baby things we have sorted and are going to wash this week, the house is pretty organised, some meals are going into the freezer and garry is cleaning the carpets and windows (as well as doing all the garden work). It feels good to be at this stage, there is still a fair bit to be done but not too much. I feel myself starting to turn inwards and wanting to do less that pulls me out of the quiet space I am starting to crave.
But, now a lot of these jobs are done, you might find me here more often or you might not hear from me again until the baby is here. Either way, happy easter to you all x