Friday, September 25, 2015

waldorf doll for baby ~ giveaway

 Inspired by Ena I made a new kind of doll this week. A Snuggle Baby. . It is my most simple doll with only a little head and 2 hands, the body has no form or stuffing making it really easy to grab and snuggle for little people who are only just discovering their hands.
It is made of the softest, loveliest rainbow striped jersey. The hat has a wee knot and the hands are made of 2 tight little knots of sheep's' wool covered with cotton interlock. These wee knots are brilliant for chewing on to soothe sore little gums. The head is made in the traditional waldorf style, of rolled sheep's wool covered with cotton interlock and hand embroidered with little eyes and a simple mouth. The cheeks are blushed with a little red wax.
 Ena loves her little snuggle baby and I am so delighted with it I am making more to sell in the shop and to celebrate that I am giving one away over on my Under Rainbows facebook page.

Do pop by and give a like :-)

Thursday, September 24, 2015

September crafting

rainbow doll cardigan
I have not been able to blog for a whole month because our computers were both broken. But a friend of ours kindly fixed the laptop so I am back again, here in this space. The big computer is still broken and I fear that we will have to loose everything on it; all the pictures, all of my written work. It has made me more grateful than ever for this space, holding our pictures for us. It has made me feel that I want to blog more though, to preserve more precious moments online so we can look back on them together. 

So much happened this month as well. We had a christening for Ena. It was amazing, over 150 people came to celebrate this little girl being in the world. The service was nice and we had an amazing gathering afterwards with a BBQ, bouncy castle and a band. We had family and friends travel from all over to share the day. We had a ball. Perhaps I will share a few pictures in another post.

Ena's outfit for the day was very simple. A little broderie anglaise dress, that had been in a hand-me-down bag, a simple white organic cotton vest and leggings that my mum bought and this cardigan.
 It is made from handspun undyed sheeps wool and silk. Spun by my wonderful friend especially for Ena. I knitted it up, similar to the bumble bees sweater, by heart and Garry made the buttons. He got a small branch from a hazel tree in the woods and cut a slice, sanded it smooth and drilled little tiny holes into it.
I love the buttons and will definitely be getting him to make more of them!

 In other crafting I am back doll making full force. Finding a rhythm with Ena's nap times, often sewing with her asleep in the sling on my back.
 And of course there is always time for baking...