Wednesday, March 18, 2015

so grateful

I have so many wonderful things going on in my life and so many people make my life so easy and special. I am constantly amazed by people's generosity and spirit and I feel so grateful.

I am grateful that the children go to a wonderful school, that embraces a holistic approach to education, where they are getting to try new things every day. Where their own individual talents and personalities are acknowledged and celebrated.
world book day at school

joa helping at world book day
Benny's little book for the brilliant Learn at school Grow at Home scheme
 I am so grateful that spring is here. That I am no longer so cold, that the world is waking up and turning green and that it is no longer dark when I wake up. We are spending lots of time in the garden and it is so good to feel the sunshine on our skin
painting the bee hotel

captain enjoying the sun
I am so grateful that the house is nearly ready to welcome this new little person. The walls are all painted, belongings are organised and nearly all put away, only a few jobs left. I particularly love my workroom, and feel I have the space for the children to come and join in too.
working on a doll sling
joa modeling the finished sling

Rebe making a puppet

Benny's quilt that he is working on for the baby

 I am grateful for my beautiful, happy thriving children and my gorgeous partner and this home filled with joy and love.
mother's day card from Joa
 I am so grateful to everyone who is helping us get ready for the baby. For all of the wonderful gifts, send from far...

So thoughtful and kind! 
I'm grateful for the help from my parents, the boxes and bags of baby clothes, for the prams and cots and baby baths and all the wonderful, sweet and precious things that other babies have used and that are now being passed on to our baby.

I am also grateful for the wonderful experiences we are having, guests and visitors, going to dinners and balls and parties and gigs. Fitting in as much as we can and as much as I can manage and loving every second of it

St Patricks Day walk on the beach with friends

dance off

being in the Paddy's Day parade 

What a wonderful life I have and I am so grateful to have it.