Friday, August 31, 2012

a wee ash grove lad

I would like to introduce you to the last doll I made. He is a very sweet 16 inch waldorf doll. I made him as an exchange with my gorgeous friend Mel. Mel writes one of the most inspiring and beautiful blogs I have come across and we became friends a few years ago as we walked through the pregnancy of our last wee boys together.
She is a fabulous knitter and last year started knitting and wearing the most beautiful shawls. I love the idea of being wrapped in a shawl, handknitted with love and care. It must be like wearing a hug. So Mel is knitting me a shawl and I made this wee doll to go and join her and her family in their Ash Grove :-)

The high chair I am so in love with. It was a really special Birthday gift from a friend of mine. She secretly contacted my favourite wood worker and commissioned this gorgeous piece for me. Isn't it perfect beyond words!

P.S. I am always open for long as you don't mind waiting for a while my dolly list is rather long at the moment :-)

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Rainbow Crown Tutorial

I have made a few of these Waldorf rainbow crowns now for Birthdays and as gifts, and I have been asked a few times if I would share how I make them. So here we go (Su this is especially for you).

 First fold an A4 piece of paper in half and draw one half of what you would like your crown to look like. The middle point of the crown will be at the fold of the paper.
 Cut it out and this will be your pattern.
 Next measure a piece of white wool felt. This is only a rough size and don't cut the points yet as it is easier to paint the rainbow colours onto a block of fabric.
 Next you will need water based paints/ water colour pencils in a rainbow of colours. I use these pencils. They are our very favourite in our house and we use them for so much. They give a beautiful vibrant colour and are easy to use and wash off furniture, walls and people really well ;-P
 Starting with red at the top draw/ paint your rainbow. Before you begin have a rough idea of how wide each colour will be so that you don't have a mostly red and orange crown with no space left for blue and purple at the bottom. Note that if you are using a water colour pencil the fabric may stretch some so be gentle. It is better to go over it many times than rip the felt.
 Try to make the colour as strong as possible because it will fade when dried.
 Using a paintbrush and water go over your colours and allow one stripe of colour to gently bleed into the one below. At the end of each brush stroke wash your brush in clean water to keep the colour pure.
 When you are happy with the look of your rainbow lie it flat somewhere safe and let it dry naturally. This may take a couple of days.
 When the felt is completely dry place your crown pattern over the top and trim around it.
 Now you have the shape of your beautiful rainbow crown. At this point you can add or embroider any decorations  Perhaps your child's name, their age, some starts? Whatever you fancy or you can keep it a simple rainbow.
 Next pin the crown into another layer of felt. I used white again but you can use any colour. Cut around your crown as tightly as possible to the edge. The thickness of 2 layers of felt will help it hold it's shape and sit up on your child's head rather than flop over.
Measure a length of elastic. I tend to use about 15 cm, so that there is some allowance for sewing it in and also so that it will grow with your child. You can always tie a knot in the back of it while the head is small to make it fit more securely.  At each end of the crown pin in the elastic between the two layers of felt.
 Using blanket stitch and coloured embroidery thread go around the outside of your crown stitching the two layers of felt together.

At the elastic on each side add a couple of extra stitches to hold it very firmly in place.

 Now you have a beautiful rainbow crown.

Happy crafting :-)

Please note that all of these instructions are my own and I ask you to link back to me here if you should choose to share them. Also these crowns cannot be washed or even spot washed as the colour is not water tight.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

seriously stitching

Well, since I gave Rebe her sewing box on her Birthday last week the whole family has gone sewing mad!
Rebe discovered embroidery, all on her own. She started 'drawing' pictures on a piece of fabric with coloured threads from her box.

 I saw what she was doing and found her an embroidery hoop to make it easier for her and she just took off,

'To Dad'

Andy on a boat

waves and a fish complete with scales.
Joa wanted to join in too, Rebe threaded him a needle and gave him a piece of felt.
Oh so carefully he stitched it together.
And Benny made dinner:
This is a really simple craft, one I may use at Buddies in the future. For the sausage I helped him to fold a piece of pink felt in half and he stitched up along the edge (I went over it with the machine to strengthen it - which he helped with too). He stuffed carded sheeps wool into it and we tied up the ends. The egg he made by cutting a piece of white felt to the right size and then a piece of yellow felt to be the yoke. He stitched the yoke onto the white with yellow thread. He's had great fun cooking dinner for us all since.
What I am not saying here is that today is my Birthday, that it has been an incredibly hard day in terms of my separation from Andy, that I have been filled with stress and tension and quick to cry, that I feel sick and tired and sad. But I am sitting here to write this post using pictures I took last week so I can come out of that feeling and remember the special moments. So I can have a break from feeling awful and fell normal. My neighbour is coming over for dinner tonight, a dinner cooked for me by a dear friend. I hope that this year will be good for me, exciting and full of new joys and experiences and of course lots of more sewing.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

keeping calm and crafting on...

While there has been so much change happening here over the past few weeks I have really striven to maintain as much normalcy as possible and for me and the kids a lot of that has to do with the activities we do and sticking to our daily rhythm.
We are still going out for lots of walks and playing in the woods and on the beach. We are meeting with friends and we are crafting...
 I finished this wee 11 inch custom doll
 Benny has been helping Rebe explore the sewing box I got her for her birthday. He made his first actual 'thing'
 a tiny, toy pillow.
Joa has been beading
Benny doing jigsaws
 Rebe has been sewing a doll. The doll is a kit her aunt and uncle gave to her for her Birthday.

 I think she is just wonderful
 Not perfectly copied from the pattern, but perfect in that she is a creation made of love and effort and a couple of pretty spectacular tantrums
I noticed that the doll I am working on has a similar feel:
 though I've managed not to have quite as many tantrums over her lol.
 We've been gardening and picking the veggies growing in the field and in the green house. We cooked a stew using only home grown things, and gosh was it yummy and I felt so proud!
 We also decided that the mama bird was definitely not coming back to the eggs she had left in our bird box so Rebe has taken it upon herself to try and hatch them. Benny thinks there might be hens inside!

Oh and the last bit of crafting I want to share with you:
 This is the dress I made Rebe for her birthday.
 The fabric is a gorgeous hedgehog print I got from a seller on etsy ages ago
She really likes it and I am so pleased with how it came out.

Rebe is 7

Last Wednesday my darling Rebe turned 7.
 I don't have many pictures of the day because my camera was out of puff, but that in itself was nice: to just be there in the moment and not behind a lens.
 In the morning she opened her gifts. Then she and the boys spent a long time in the garden making a den and playing explorers who did a lot of sewing (she got a sewing box from me) and listening to music (she got a music box from Andy).
 We went for a walk and then watched a movie together. After that we had hedgehog cake and the most amazing, all singing and all dancing candle sent by her aunty.
 It was a wonderful day and we all really enjoyed it.
Happy Birthday dear girl, I hope this year is full of love and light and wonder.