Saturday, January 18, 2014

moments from our day...

 early morning orange juice squeezing

playing our new favourite game together 'Man the Lifeboat' that Santa brought and we've now got the hang of
 Rebe's services rendered
 proud Benny with his services rendered
 a custom 16 inch doll I finished last night

 playmobil play
(very cute) ninja play

gingerbread men baked
and decorated as lifeboat men in yellow oilskins 

 and what with all the orange juice squeezing, gingerbread men baking, soup cooking and general snacking I felt like I spent a good 30% of my day like this: washing up at the sink with one little person or another chatting to me while another (blond curly one) sits on the worktop taking pictures slyly on my camera.

I also fitted in a little house work, a little knitting, a little run, a little watching of 'shows', a little clearing up of lego, a little reading and loads of cuddles. Now the kids are with their dad for the weekend and Garry and I have plans of good food, wine, a fire...
Ah the bliss of Saturdays.
Hope yours was equally as good x


  1. Oooh your weekend plans sound pretty wonderful to me!

    Your gingerbread and ninja photos have inspired me - we have biscuit cutters shaped like ninjas, so I think we'll make some ninjabread men today! X

  2. My other half has been the housekeeper, I am recovering from the late flight home on Friday night, after spending two weeks in Krakow training people. We didn't bake or squeeze oranges, instead we did a long walk with the dogs today and in general the weekend has been calm and comfy and cosy, like yours truly sounds. Funny but I got sleepy and warm just looking at the pictures and reading your text. :-) Hope your Sunday was as lovely as Saturday and the week will continue under the happy stars.

  3. Saturdays are the best, looks like yours was wonderful! :) x