Wednesday, November 19, 2014

ebb and flow

 Rebe making bread
Benny's trouser design
 Benny's trousers
 Joa's home, a picture he did at preschool. They have been talking about homes and family this week. The preschool have really embraced that our family has a different shape to the conventional family unit. They are really supporting us and Joa in this and I am so happy about that.

 Joa's Christmas card design: 2 jellyfish licking the jellyfish in the middle with 3 festive gifts floating above them.
 Rebe's tidied and reorganized room
 Benny and Joa's play corner in their room
work (or play)

This week I have really been feeling the ebb and flow of energy. This is normal enough for me anyway, but heightened due to the pregnancy. Some days I can re-organise and tidy half the house, bake and cook for a week and the next day I can hardly move and fall asleep several times during the day (whenever I sit down really). I'm learning to ride these waves of energy to enjoy it while it is there and to allow myself to rest and ask for help when I have nothing left to spare.

Today is more of a resting day, music playing, the heating on and my knitting on my lap.


  1. Oh Laura, it's the same for me. My mood too!
    Your home is so pretty. :)

    1. thanks mel, the hose is getting back to some kind of normal after the first trimester yuckiness and complete inability to do pretty much anything. it feels good! but i am learning to ride the waves of energy so much better now, perhaps i am just much kinder to myself than ever before? xx thinking of you xxx