Sunday, February 22, 2015

half term

It's been half term here and we've had 4 days off school. It's been lovely, the kids have split their time between us and Andy, so it's been a good mix of doing things as a family and resting.
a new board game, played for hours

Rebe tried her hand at making ice cream

Benny made a game for Joa's cars

huge lego towers

seedlings growing on the windowsill

penguin picnic at Rineen Fairy Woods.
 Although it was so lovely to have the kids and do these lovely things together I was also very glad to have the rest days in between. I did rest (sewing and knitting do count as rest don't they!) because I had not been feeling so good the last week or so. I think it was a bug, but I also know that my iron levels are not as high as they used to be. I also know that this little baby is currently breech so I think he or she was pressing their head into my tummy making me feel even more sensitive.
30 weeks
 I finally did my first little bit of baby knitting...

It's funny looking around the house, everywhere there is evidence of the little person who is coming to join us in a matter 9 or 10 weeks.
a new rocking chair

my favourite sling returned
 We are so excited about this baby coming. I can't wait to meet him or her and I know the time will just fly by until we're due!
 Last week I wrote to several parenting magazines, national and international, and told them about my feelings about the importance of boys having access to dolls to play with and the work that I do with Under Rainbows. I am blown away by the response and very excited about the exposure Under Rainbows will be getting this spring. We had to take lots of publicity shots, the boys only too happy to help :-)


  1. My boys love playing with dolls and teddies, they (and we) have never given it a second thought. But I am dismayed to still see such a gender divide amongst toys in shops.

    As for Iron, I've been taking Spirulina capsules since the early weeks of my pregnancy and I can't believe the difference I feel! A midwife friend told me it is the quickest way to up Iron in pregnancy.

    1. Hi there Mama Shara, thank you for the tip, I will get some from the health food shop tomorrow. I don't feel too tired all the time luckily, the doc said that my haemoglobin levels were good it was just the reserves that had been depleted, but I do feel very vulnerable so this might help sort me out, thank you. I also agree with the gender divide in the shops, it enrages me this insensitive stupid way large toy stores think it is ok (or just don't think) and tell little ones what it means to be a boy or a girl. It's so stupid! Thanks for your lovely comment x

  2. Oh Laura, I am very eager to see what is coming this Spring for you and Under Rainbows!
    You look so beautiful- and I think we might be a similar size, tummy wise. :) I'll have to get a photo up of myself.
    My first was breech, I know that feeling. Ack! By far, more uncomfortable than head down babies. In the next few weeks he or she will probably turn, I wonder if you'll feel a big motion?
    Although my iron levels are normal, I also take spirulina and have been all along- as well as being high in iron, it is high in protein and other good stuff.
    HUGS mama!

    1. I am so excited about it Mel, I wrote an article for Juno for the Winter edition and there was a huge response in terms of people talking about it online and also contacting the magazine. So I have decided to take it a little further out there. It is something I feel so strongly about and it is so exciting to hear so many other parents also expressing how fed up they are with the gender divide.
      I am really hoping this wee one will turn. I have been so lucky with all of my pregnancies and births I hope this wee one will also be smooth. I do feel pretty uncomfortable at times, and finding relaxing in the evenings difficult, my bedtimes are getting earlier and earlier lol! Would love to see a pic of your bump! and I will be getting some spirulina. Do you also take it in capsule form? xx

  3. Laura, so very happy for you. You are so happy! Enjoy the last stretch of your pregnancy and hope baby turns. Hooray about the dolls. Good on you! Much love