Friday, January 25, 2013


Things seem so much easier today. I feel steps closer to knowing where I am and what I need to do and that helps. The kids are all on the mend and there is a lot of love in this house...

We're loving this song, and it is good to remember that 'it's alright to cry'.
We're loving bedtime stories, particularly Mrs Pepperpot.
I'm really enjoying visiting this blog and have bought a copy of this great book as a result...really makes you want to 'stick it to the man'
 loving painting and drawing and making
 loving a fantastic armadillo exchange that Benny is having with my friend Melissa (Benny stitched that tiny baby armadillo all by himself!)
loving raw milk, I have finally found a source, oh the taste takes me back to my childhood in a German farming village :-)
loving our newly adopted cat, or rather he has adopted us. Big and soppy and ginger and Benny adores him. He's called Jack :-)
loving finding extremely accurate diagrams drawn by Rebe
loving finding an egg in the box who disguised herself as a chicken. We're saving her to make into a special cake, she's too swanky to just be scrambled :-)
loving loosing another tooth (guess which one by this picture I found that Rebe painted of herself)
loving knitting cable, my first attempt in vintage Irish wool yarn

loving doll making, as always.

There is so much that brighten's my day, so much love and I am grateful for that.


  1. Oh Laura, I love all of this, you always make me smile! Swanky egg! And I love your kitty fella. :)
    Missing you, dear!
    HUGS Mel

    1. miss you too Mel and I do hope everyone feels better soon, hugs x

  2. I don't know what I love most on here, but yes that egg is pretty swanky! Is raw milk illegal in Ireland too?

    1. we're going to make our swanky cake tomorrow :-) Yes raw milk isn't available here either so I am so glad to have found a farmer who will supply it through a friend!

  3. You have a very positive energy about you, and I so appreciate that. Thanks so much for commenting on my blog. I had no idea you were going through some hard ships as well this year. Peace to you Laura. You are a wonderful mother, and a beautiful person. It is amazing how strong we are able to be when hardships arise.

    You are so right. There is so much that can brighten your day. I can see so much joy in your pictures and words.

    1. dear Hannah thank you for that. Yes you are so right that the strength we can find within seems almost endless. I was sorry to hear how hard this year has been for you also but I am sure the coming one will be filled with many moments of peace and joy :-) x

  4. So many things here. But since I'm still pre-coffee, I will limit myself. (:

    1st: squee! a ginger cat! I've always wanted one. Can you believe we ended up with nine (now eight) cats and not a one of them is ginger?

    2nd: I am beyond excited about our armadillo swap. I'm so very glad that Benny loves Sandy so much - that kid of yours is amazing.

    3rd: is that a certain cardigan I see? That doll sure looks comfy snuggled on that wool. (:

    Much love!

    1. dear Melissa, I know he's a cute cat isn't he. He has settled into our family like he's been here forever and so is tolerant of Benny's very enthusiastic love. Things here are all armadillo as usual, Benny was wearing his best armadillo clothes today: grey tights and top and I am sitting down to knit him, if at all possible an armadillo hat, I'm winging it, but that's the kind of knitting I love best. and yes it's my cardigan, I was wearing it when I was taking the pictures then decided that a darker colour would look better, it is soooo loved I tell you x

  5. Oh this is all so good. Love those swanky eggs. haha Your dolls are always so beautiful! Hugs and peace Laura!