Monday, October 28, 2013


Autumn has definitely arrived here in the last few days. It is windy and cold but still beautiful in its own right.
The wind has blown the leaves from the trees and the gorgeous colours of autumn are now more under foot than hanging above our heads. Although the woods are so close to us (this picture is taken from the back garden) the kids still prefer the beach, 
 for fishing,
 and digging,
 and imaginative play.
Indoors the heating is often on and the smell of apple pie and soup is common. The kids have been very happy playing together, the three of them. Often quite funny games that I enjoy over hearing. Benny and Rebe have played an elaborate game of goodies and baddies for two days now and their 'people' are felt tip pens. It does make me giggle!
 I've been doll making and knitting.
 I'm knitting myself a warm sweater with this beautiful hand spun yarn.
 The work table has come back in from the garden and the kids spend a lot of time painting here.
 The green house is put to bed under a blanket of cardboard and sea weed
 the very last tomatoes are ripening,

and this troublesome family of mice have built their home in one of the bedrooms (gosh I hope they clean it all up before the kids try to go to bed!)

Last week was so lovely, I went away with Garry (who is him) to his brother's wedding in Co Kildare. We went for 2 nights and the kids stayed with their dad. It was the longest I have been away from them, but I just allowed myself to be completely me and immerse myself in the experience instead of feeling worried or guilty about it. I wore the dress that I had made and we drank and danced and celebrated until the wee hours of the morning. It was a very special and lovely time and has left me with a very warm glow :-)

Hope autumn is being good to you too x


  1. I'm really glad to hear that you finally give yourself at least a few days of Me-time. You need it, all mothers need it, we all need it!

    1. thank you, it was wonderful having that me (and him) time and now I have done it once I know how special it is and will definitely be doing it more often :-) x

    2. That's the spirit! :-)

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