Monday, October 7, 2013

mommy's in the kitchen... up something good.

the last of the tomatoes from the green house

the last of the cucumbers

apples the kids scrumped with their daddy

all the green ones on the window sill ripening

my best helper


spelt soda bread

tomato sauce

cucumber's pickling

 time for lunch....
Still to come this week in the kitchen....
apple sauce
apple cake
carrot cake
marrow and ginger jam
berry jam

What you got cookin'?


  1. So much kitchen goodness!
    My girls gathered apples with their daddy this weekend too.. Applesauce, apple butter, and pie filling all to be prepared this week...

    1. yummy, i am so delighted about the cinnamon smell that will be wafting around the house today when I get started on the apples, yum!

  2. Pickles! I don't like pickles. At all. But my boys do and it pleases me greatly for them to enjoy the ones that I make. Sadly, I have never succeeded in growing cucumbers. I also always seem to miss them at the market. Growing seasons here still baffle me after all these years.

    1. the cucumbers have been a great success this year, fresh mainly I am the one who likes the pickle here and I ahve made enough to last me all year I'd say ;-P

  3. Oh Laura, your green house was such a success! And I remember you feeling doubtful about it at some point.
    My little three year old is also wearing those green shoes, passed down from a big brother!
    That salad looks so scrumptious.
    We're doing apples now too, and our window sills are lined with green tomatoes.

    1. i know mel, i feel i have come a long way and I know that by next spring i will be eager to start again and will probably try more new things, i am so pleased with how much of our own food i have managed to grow. yes those green shoes, best ever!! love to you all x x

  4. seeing all that creativity makes me miss you x Lisa