Monday, November 18, 2013

lots of dolls

For the past 2 weeks I have been working every hour I could find to try and build a little stock for my etsy shop in the run up to Christmas and I thought I'd share with you the sweet little dolls I made in that time.
Last night I finished this heavy baby doll. She is weighted with 2 little cotton bags stuffed with organic grain and then tightly wrapped in wool roving. She is button jointed and her arms and legs both move making her gorgeous to pose and she sits alone beautifully.
She has detailed fingers and toes.
Her hair is of softest mohair boucle knitted into a cap and then firmly stitched onto her head and brushed out to give it that baby fuzziness.
She comes wearing a little cloth nappy, a pink organic cotton nightie and matching hat. She also comes with a newborn sized babygro, handknitted cardi and booties in pure wool yarn.

I have also made her a mei tei sling in this really funky, retro flower fabric. If you are interested in buying her please pop over to my facebook page and message me there of you can email me
 She was so much fun to make and I hope she'll find her new mama or papa in time for Christmas.
 I have also made a host of angels this week;
 four tiny 3 inch ones,
 and one Christmas tree angel. She has a hollow tube instead of legs and will look down from upon the tree smiling love and good wishes over the people of the house.
And finally I made a bundle of snuggle buddies, all perfect for a babies first or second Christmas. The 3 in the front row are all organic cotton and they will all make wonderful snuggle companions :-)
Please pop by and have a look at my shop and see if there is anyone there calling you to give them a home.
I have ambitions this week for 1 custom 16 inch doll, 2 tiny fairy dolls and a requested 2nd set of clothes (and then I might think about crafting for our own Christmas lol) x


  1. Oh Laura, they are just beautiful. That weighted baby doll- her toes! Amazing. <3

  2. You have so much talent. They are beautiful. Amazing!

  3. Excellent work! I just held one of those weighted baby dolls a couple of days ago - it was scented with lavender and eased my mind so much. What a delight to hold! Good luck with your sale. Hopefully I'll finish the doll I've started by Christmas.

    1. they are really lovely to hold, I do find myself wandering around with them the way I used to carry my babies lol! Good luck with finishing your doll :-) x

  4. oh my goodness, they are beautiful.

  5. Those are absolutely cuddly adorable!!!!

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