Thursday, April 3, 2014

in the studio

yarn and fabric for a custom doll I'm working on
 I am so enjoying having this space to call my own. I long to be there all the time. The light is beautiful, streaming in through the large window and onto my desk and sewing machine. It is warm and cosy and peaceful. I love having everything tidy and to hand, and since I have organised all of my wool and yarn I love knowing exactly what I have.
 me at work ~ taken by Joa
Still, it's been a busy week and I have been doing other things like planting seeds and tidying the garden. Watching the kids perform in their dance show. I have written my article for Juno about setting up a Home Kindergarten and I have been doing other doll related things that require lots of time in front of the computer. So although I would love to be here for hours on end everyday I am only finding a few snatched moments here and there. In that time I have been working on a couple of custom dolls:
16" custom doll
I also finished up this cute little pair for sale (see my facebook page for more details)
sweet little elf dolls
I have of course had my little helper with me. He sits beside me, in the room where he was born, and works away on a dress he is making for Bubs (my mum)
 first carefully stitching a row of holes across the pink felt he chose
 his tiny sewing machine belongs to Rebe but Joa loves using it
 then sorting through all my buttons to find just the right one and stitching it onto the dress with a 'sharp' and thread.

 I'm hoping to find a little more time this weekend to work in my studio,  and you can be sure I will be relishing every single, peaceful, creative moment of it :-)


  1. Such a sweet picture of Joa sewing with deep concentration! What is better for a child than working side by side with mum. :-)

  2. Just gorgeous! I miss peaceful creative time in my studio (due new baby in two weeks) The first photo of the yarn is wonderful, and the photos of your son remind me of mine: sewing away beside me :)