Thursday, April 10, 2014

spring time


Spring is well and truly here, there is green everywhere, so fresh and full of life.
Seeds growing into seedlings, uncurling their beautiful delicate leaves, filling the window sills.
My body is also craving green; fresh green chard and sprouting broccoli and kale from the market are on my plate with nearly every meal.
We are outside in the fresh air as much as we can be, walking on the beach after dinner, grabbing a quick play in the park on the way home from school. The fresh air breathing energy into us and helping long, deep sleep. Along with this the children's play has deepened, they are so involved with their lego games and set ups. They are also really enjoying have space in their room to play quietly (or not so quietly if the lego man 'Ultra Magnus' is involved).
Joa and I went to our last playgroup today. I've been going to playgroups now for 8 years and I feel my time is at an end. Joa is happy with the Buddies group and will start pre-school after the summer, so it is time to let playgroup go.
We had a really lovely last session. We all met at the park and spread picnic blankets on the grass. We hid loads of little chocolate eggs and the kids searched for them.
 Joa loved it and repeated the game several times throughout the day hiding things like coins and then 'aha!' finding them again.
 He also quite enjoyed the opening and eating of the eggs, although this chocolate over load did result in a pretty severe case of 'the mega cranks'.

 My crafting is spring like too at the moment...

 I am making a lamb suit for Lambie...yes I know!... it's probably best not to question these things. I'll show you when I'm finished. Lambie is Benny's special and Rebe has asked me to knit a sweater for her special for our holiday.
Yes!!! We're off on holiday on Monday, all 8 of us, to a beautiful holiday house in west Cork for a couple of nights. We're so excited about it, counting sleeps and making plans!

This evening after dinner the kids decided they didn't want to go to the beach, but wanted to paint to music instead.
 Benny did this a few weeks ago at after school club and they have all been asking to do it since.
 It was lovely to watch, they were so engrossed in it and we decided to try to change the music and see how the paintings changed.

These are Rebe's paintings :
 Painted while listening to Vivaldi's Four Seasons
 painted to Liam Clancy's Home From the Sea

 painted to Loudness' Rock and Roll Crazy Nights
I will be back here with pictures of our wee holiday next week sometime :-)


  1. Super, a real holiday, and the whole bunch of you, so nice! Enjoy, but leave Ultra Magnus at home looking after the place. :-)
    Did you make Joa's lovely pullover?

    1. off tomorrow morning we're so excited and let's hope this beautiful weather holds! No it was my mum who made the sweater for Joa, it's his favourite not and dogs! x

    2. Ack, that wee boy has a great taste! Orange and dogs, two of my favourites :-)