Sunday, June 29, 2014

arrgghh me hearties...Benny's pirate party

We had a wonderful day on Saturday celebrating Benny's 6th Birthday with a Pirate Party.
I had made invitations for his class mates last week by printing off these free templates and adding our details. I then rolled them into little scrolls and wrapped a little red yarn around them and Benny brought them into school to give out.
We spent the week making lots of preparations and finally the party day arrived. 
Rebe set up a 'tattoo parlour' and our guests were invited to be 'tattoo'd' with some temporary pirate tattoo's that I got online.
 Everyone had dressed up, as a pirate or something else and we had so much fun looking at everyone's costumes and the swords were immediately put to use in dangerous and blood thirsty duels.

 Those who lost, or just fancied it, had to walk the plank...

 Then with the help of our very wonderful assistant we played 'pin the patch on the pirate'

 and then pass the parcel.
 In each layer of paper I had hidden a little packet of sweets and also a part of a treasure map.
 Once all of the layers of the parcel had been opened the kids worked together to put the pieces in place. The map was of our garden with a large red X marking the spot where I had hidden the treasure
 They all ran off to find it; a canon ball pinata.
 I had made this myself through the week with paper mache and I was really nervous that it would easily fall to pieces. But my fears were totally unfounded as the kids took ages to break it and believe me they really did try!
 When everyone was worn out with trying to break it to pieces we gathered the kids on a blanket in the garden and Garry dropped it into the middle of them and they descended like vultures and tore it apart (in a good pirate-y way)
 and grabbed as much booty (or lolly-pops and chocolate coins) as they could.
 Then we ate our feast and drank grog...
After another couple of games and some general pirating we lit 6 candles on Benny's treasure chest cake and sang Happy Birthday to him.
Just as our guests were leaving we invited them to dig for a piece of treasure to add to their little party bag. We had gathered some old costume jewelry and the kids and I had found lots of little pebbles on the beach and painted them gold. We then hid the lot in the laundry basket filled with shredded newspaper.
 Benny had a really great party, in fact we all did. As I was tucking them up in bed they all whispered to me that it was the best party ever. I am so glad that they thought this and that we could give them that.
...and now... the holiday has really begun. No more school, no more commitments and nothing on the horizon until the middle of the month when we are all off to the Dream Gathering festival. Oh happy days!

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  1. The party looks so fun! What a gorgeous day! What is the Dream Gathering Festival? Happy Monday!