Tuesday, July 8, 2014

the first days of our holiday

At last the summer holidays are here and how we have been enjoying them so far. Released from the monotonous school run, the endless packed lunches and clock watching. Bedtimes are more relaxed, routine and rhythm are determined by us not the calendar.  The kid's time is well divided between myself and Andy, which also gives me time to myself and alone with Garry. I feel we have a great balance at the moment.

We're enjoying days out...
warm days on the beach, 

and not so warm days on the beach...

chilly picnic

flying kites

sailing little cork-and-feather boats in puddles
 time indoors, baking, crafting, playing...
baking gingerbread

black playdough
 we have also had fun trips out, swimming, visiting friends and to the Model Railway Village
 we've eaten well, having time and space to cook what we want when we want together
bbq on a rainy day eaten cooked outdoors but eaten inside
our happy-end-of-term cake
dinner at our fabulous new table
 As I mentioned I've had lots of time without the kids too. I usually start this time with a run and am really enjoying having regular times in the week to be outside running along the estuary. If Garry is not working we do something together; taking walks or having lunch somewhere and if he is at work then I use my time filling my Under Rainbows orders.
custom order fairy doll
 My art classes finished last week too for the summer and I am eagerly waiting for them start back again in September, I've really enjoyed it.

fushia in water colours
 So far we've had a wonderful time and we are so excited about the coming few weeks with so many adventures planned.

But something did happen this week....
 We were visiting with a neighbour. I was sitting in the garden with her and I thought the kids were in the living room. But Joa wasn't. He had gotten into her car, parked outside on the road, and released the handbrake sending it rolling backwards down the hill with him in it. It crashed into a telegraph pole about halfway down the hill. Oh the shock, it was awful! Thankfully, very thankfully he was completely unhurt, just scared and shaken and very sorry. My neighbours have been amazing about it and so concerned about Joa and so understanding. I am so grateful to them for their attitude and so very grateful to who or whatever was minding this little boy and allowed him to walk away un-hurt. I've had so many mixed emotions and thoughts about the whole episode and coming to terms with it all has taken a while, but I have learned from it and I hope Joa has too.


  1. Oh, thank God that the child ist unhurt! And that no one was runned over by the car. I think all the little ones have great guardian angels.


    1. i agree tabea. when i got to the car I noticed that the tiny angel doll I made for my neighbour that she keeps in the car was on the seat where joa had been. I'm going to be making one each for the kids that's for sure!!! x

  2. How scary about the car but looks like a lovely start to the holidays otherwise!

  3. Oh that doll is so sweet!! I want one :)

    I am glad that Joa is ok. How scary.

    Looks like you had good family time!! So very fun and priceless.

    Thanks for sharing with us in your space :)