Monday, August 11, 2014


Today was simply magical and I loved every second of it. We spent the morning at home crafting and baking and cooking and washing. After lunch of home made soups and breads we headed off west to Rineen woods to go in hunt of the fairy houses. It was so fab, I was expecting just a couple of little houses but it was a veritable fairy city with houses to find round every corner. The kids had a wonderful time and enjoyed searching and finding all the fairy houses and examining what gifts and letters people had brought and left for the fairies and leaving little crumbs of banana bread themselves for the fairies to nibble on.
We ended this lovely day with all three kids tucked up in bed together. I have found a lovely audio recording of Little House in the Big Woods on youtube and I sat on the foot of the bed knitting and we all listened together. Such peace and such small pleasures.


  1. Oh! Sounds like a perfect day! Thanks for sharing it!

  2. The fairy houses are very lovely. We are going to open a forest-kindergarten and I think it would be fun to create some fairy houses with the kids.

    Little house... I just love it. As a kid, I read all the books and now I watch the dvds.