Sunday, August 24, 2014

1 year on...

 On the 14th of August was the anniversary of when Garry and I got together. What a beautiful, fun, amazing year we have had. Luckily Garry had the whole day off so we decided to do something special and we all went to our favourite place in the whole world. The Ewe Experience in Glengarriff West Cork is an amazing sculpture garden that the kids and I visit every summer. It is so peaceful and beautiful with a powerful ecological and humanitarian message. The kids love it and it was the perfect place to celebrate being together.

 We stayed until closing time and our tummy's told us it was dinner time. We went to Bantry and found a very odd little place to eat. It was odd in many ways, but the food was good! This is how full Joa was...
 After dinner we had a quick play in the square and watched the sun sink into to the bay before heading back for home.
It was a lovely day, a great way to celebrate the end of a lovely year and to welcome the next year which I have no doubt will be just as, if not more special!

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