Monday, September 1, 2014

birthdays, school days and other days

This is a bits and pieces post, but they are pictures of moments that I treasure...

Rebe's 9th Birthday, cards and flowers, presents and candles.

 It was a lovely morning playing with her new toys, quiet and calm.
 Just after lunch we went to the cinema and met with 2 of her friends and we all watched a movie together as her Birthday treat.
 I had baked her a cake. This was the first year that she has not asked for a specific cake, so I thought I would make her a really indulgent one and she was delighted. After the cinema I dropped all of the children off to Andy for their sleep over night and I gave them the cake to take with them so they could have a little celebration with him.

a lovely candle lit dinner, just me and him (and the dogs)

Benny's jet pack
This picture reminds me that the same morning Rebe very kindly made Joa a red indian headdress with feathers that she had found on the beach. Unfortunately she sellotaped them directly onto his head (ouch) many curls pulled out!
 My Birthday
 For the first time ever I had a birthday table. Piled high with wonderful gifts and cards and cake! Garry has bought me lots of scrumptious new art materials that I am really looking forward to using and am eager for my art classes to start up again.
 We have been crafting, as always...
 some new play food has inspired some wonderful games. Benny and Joa are finding a lovely friendship at the moment. It's so lovely to hear their games and play.
 The older 2 kids went back to school on Thursday, Benny excited and Rebe not so, although she tells me today that she is feeling much more confident and comfortable because her new teacher is so lovely which is so great to hear. And today Joa started pre-school...
 I made him the little tie yesterday so he would feel he had something special and smart and a little bit uniform-y to wear. He dashed in eager and happy and had the most wonderful time and told us that above all else he was really 'being haved'.

I just want to say a little something about this blog.
I am finding it harder and harder to find the time to sit down at the computer and write these posts. Life is so full of itself that there is little time for this space. I also think that this blog has changed for me. In the past it was a way to share myself, to share my life and I could share it with all of you. But now I have Garry and I find that I am doing my sharing with him and my need to blog is much less.
It has crossed my mind of late to just let it go and not blog for a while, which to be honest I'm not far off anyway. But I do love having this record of our days, I love being able to look back at pictures and words from a particular time in my life and I love that I can share this in time with the kids too.
So I will blog on, but I will try not to feel guilty about not sharing everything, or not sharing enough. Perhaps there will be fewer words, more pictures, I don't know. But just know that I am here living my wonderful, wild beautiful life and that I am very, very happy, whether I am here blogging about it or not xxx


  1. Laura dear,

    I feel honoured to have these insights into your life!
    It is a true privilege to read your blog, in tears or laughing, to see the colourful pictures, admire the beautiful dolls, get inspired by your imaginative ideas, rejoice with you, participate in the nature adventures with your kids, feel happiness for your happiness.
    However, no matter how much joy this all brings to me, it should not be a duty for you.
    If it doesn't feel right anymore, then maybe it really is time to rethink and recreate the blog to get your spark back with it - but I really hope you will carry on! I would miss you all terribly if you didn't!

  2. Dear Laura,
    It's always a pleasure to read what you are up to, no matter how often. Thank you for the bits and pieces of your wonderful life that you take the time to record and share here. So happy for you! Warmly, Sarah xx