Friday, January 23, 2015

life is good

and we are all so happy here.
We feel that everything we wish for ourselves happens at the moment. For example, both Garry and I wanted a dresser for a long time, then last week a friend of ours was selling hers for just the right price...
it looks like it has always been in our kitchen and it makes me smile every time I walk past it.
 We are all feeling pretty good as well. Garry had another appointment with his consultant last week who is really pleased with how well he is recovering and healing. He needs lots of physio now but we are feeling really confident that in another month or so he will be back to normal.

honey sweetened carrot cake
I am 26 weeks pregnant now and I feel great. A little tired at times, a little sore or uncomfortable at others, but generally I feel amazing. I am trying to eat very sensibly, and have cut out a lot of processed foods and refined sugar and I am walking as much as I can still, enjoying the fresh air and movement. I am also going to a lovely pregnancy yoga class on Monday evenings. It is good for me body and soul and I was lucky enough to win the classes through a Facebook competition...another thing just provided for us by the universe!

The kids are doing really well. Apart from the odd cough and cold they are great, healthy and happy. In fact over the past few months I have seen a really wonderful change in Rebe in particular. She is calm and helpful, happy and smiling most of the time. She went back to school after the Christmas break saying she didn't have any negative feelings about going back, something that she would always experience going back to school. She is trying new things, moving her body, she asked if she could go sugar free too. We also let her stay up later after the boys have gone to bed, so she sits with us and we have special time with her. I am so happy for her, life is calm and easy for her at the moment without stress or conflict.

She drew us a new family picture last week and I think it is really obvious how differently she feels about herself, she is the right size, no longer the smallest member of the family, she is holding Tiny, who is her responsibility. And along this vein you can also see how well Spartacus is doing. He used to be so nervous and flighty. In fact before we got him the snip last year he would run off for long periods of time. But he has settled so much, is so confident and part of the family. He still think's he is a wolf, but he is a wolf who never misses the bedtime story if he can help it!
Rebe's drawing of the family 2014
Rebe's drawing of the family 2015
I am so proud of our wee family, of how we have managed and handled all of the changes of the past year. How we are not only getting by but we are all thriving. It is truly a wonderful place to be and I am so happy that we are welcoming a new little person to join in with us.


  1. Such a happy post Laura! Thank you for sharing! You have a beautiful family!

  2. Oh Laura, I feel so happy for you all!
    I love the kitchen cupboard, and I would also smile whenever I walk past.
    So, so good to see Rebe's wonderful family portrait!
    Hugs, Laura!

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