Sunday, January 4, 2015

some moments from 2014


doll making workshop

Joa and Spartacus



St Patricks Day Parade

Rebe and Benny's Salsa Show

Sherkin Island ~ our west Cork holiday

my workroom

apples ~ my first drawing at my art class

Rebe, my mum and I at Rebe's Apple Seed Ceremony

writing for Juno magazine

the green house

the Dream Gathering Festival

Under Rainbows getting the CE certificate

the Ewe Experience

Joa's first day of pre-school

Garry in hospital and our first scan

Lifeboat Christmas Ball

Christmas 2014

This year has been amazing, of course every year is amazing, but this one has been so full I'm surprised it didn't burst!
The beginning of the year was normal enough, filled with lovely happenings and goings on. I ran a lovely doll making workshop for example and was getting through a lot of work. We had lovely days out and lots of dates. Joa and I still went to Buddies Home School and occasionally to playgroup. 
Then there were the storms, when we lost power for days and school was closed and we thought the world might blow away. 
There was the month when Garry first got sick and came to stay with us so we could mind him until he was better. He went home for 3 days before we went on our wonderful holiday to Baltimore together. We all came back here and he never left again. 
We enjoyed a lovely summer term of school, said goodbye to Buddies and had a really great summer. We had so many adventures and fun days including the Dream Gathering and a trip to Garry's home place. We played and partied with friends. 
Towards the end of the summer there was a change of pace. 
Work picked up for me in that I CE tested my dolls. This was a long process that involved many, many hours in front of the computer. At this time I was also writing a 2 page article for Juno magazine about boys and dolls (which came out in December and which I have been meaning to blog about). Garry and I also decided to officially move in together so we had to pack up his old house and move everything down here. 
On top of all of that, and the happiest news of all we fell pregnant. This was something we had known for some time was going to happen for us and we were so thrilled when it did. However, it did mean that I had to change down gears, I felt pretty rotten for those first few months so all of the extra work was pretty exhausting. Luckily we got all that done before the other big life event of early autumn which was Garry needing to go to hospital and having surgery on his spine. Since then we have been catching up, trying to rest, to keep up with work, to be good and gentle to ourselves. 
It has been a big year, lots of things have happened, but I have been happy throughout it all. There has been such a sense of 'meant to be' every step of the way. Nothing has been a struggle. We have been supported and helped when we have needed it. Everything has been provided for in one way or another. There has not been a day when we have been consumed with worry, we know it is all going to be ok.
2015 is going to be another big, exciting year. Our family is getting bigger and I am so, so excited about meeting this new little person! 
Work wise I hope to keep things ticking over. I have, as always, a long list of people waiting for custom dolls, but they know I can't give them a time frame when I can make their doll. I am also so delighted to have all of my patterns and tutorials for sale, this means that I can encourage people to try their hand at making a doll for themselves. I hope to have the patterns and tutorials for the button jointed baby dolls ready for sale for the end of the month which would be great! But what I do have work wise is flexibility, if I need to stop and just be a mama to our new baby I can, guilt and stress free. 
We do have lots of ideas for this year, plans for the garden, for wee camping trips in our trailer tent, for events and parties we want to have. 
What I really wish for us this year is good health! I hope that Benny's ears stay 'perfect', I hope the birth of our baby is trouble free and beautiful, I hope Garry continues to gain strength and stays well this year. 
Whatever happens I am sure that 2015 is going to be awesome and I hope yours is too!


  1. Happy New Year Laura! I wish you another amazing and happy year! Hugs, Sarah xox

  2. thank you and to you too dear Sarah xx

  3. Happy New Year to you all. Gosh what a great year you've had (minus Garry' surgery off course).
    I'm planning on trying my hand a doll making this year, so i'll definitely be checking out your tutorials. I so would have loved to come to your workshop.
    All the best for 2015.
    Warmest regards from the chilly french alps.