Tuesday, January 13, 2015


 Today there was a tiny bit of hail and snow. Of course the kids were hugely excited and played out in the cold, searching every nook and cranny of the garden for some. Rebe managed to make a tiny snowman.

Garry has been busy today, starting to feel more movement and stronger in his neck. He built our wagon which arrived in the post last week...
 This is our 2nd wagon, the first one got rained on once too often. But we loved it so much we are delighted to have gotten it in the January sales and look forward to wheeling it down to the beach and it will be so handy when we are camping and at the festivals in the summer.

We've been thinking about the garden a lot of late too. Aware that as soon as Garry is back to work the time is going to fly by until the baby is here. So we are trying to plan as much as we can now and this extended to ordering the seeds we want for this year. We are so excited about it and at this stage feeling pretty organised.
 I have started back at work this past week too, there are a couple of little snuggle buddies for sale in the etsy shop and I am working on 2 very special little dolls at the moment as well as writing more patterns. I still haven't managed to knit anything for the baby yet. I am working on a hoodie for Rebe at the moment, but I keep frogging it. So far I have knitted the pockets onto the wrong sides 3 times....there are only 2 pockets!!! gah! pregnancy brain. But as soon as I have finished that I am going to pick something sweet and tiny for my evening knitting.

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