Friday, October 9, 2015

autumn everyday

local, organic apples from a friend
The days are flying by. A blur of school and work and really quite sleepless nights.
Ena is teething, she is growing and changing so much. Ready to start tasting food, coming into herself firmly. There are things she loves; trees, her doll, her brothers and sister. She is so interested in the world, the sights, smells and sounds. All of this is much more interesting than being on the boob, making what she eats in the day very little so she is making up for it at night. Mostly we co-sleep, most evenings I have her in my arms or Garry puts her in the sling and takes her for walks. It can be tough at times, there is little time for anything and life marches on at it's relentless pace. How I wish there was a pause button. When we could all just be still, take a few hours to do nothing, but we don't and so we must notice the small moments or life will just march past without us even being aware of what this life is. And anyway that is where the beauty of life is anyway, in the small moments.
watching the cobbler mend Joa shoes

kids cook saturday Pizza made by Rebe

a visit to the model railway

beautiful Ena

evening chores

bedtime story

baking with floppsy

autumn branches and acorns in bottles

crafting with friends for a new arrival

nettles en croute

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