Friday, October 9, 2015

Garry's Birthday ~ the big three three

birthday mayhem
birthday table

elvis gifts

cake from work

henrietta, sammy and ning

the first egg
Last week we celebrated Garry's Birthday. Each year he celebrates being 33 and this year was a particularly big 33rd Birthday.
He started the day  with presents in bed brought to him with much excitement and fanfare by the children. They had used their pocket money to buy things that they know he likes, a teddy, biscuits and beer.
Benny in particular was so proud of his present. It was the first time he had bought something for someone else and he had been dying to give his present for weeks. It was delightful.
The rest of the morning passed as normal with school and physio appointments. When the kids cam home from school again we set the birthday table and birthday mayhem ensued, with champagne, donuts and more gifts. Garry was delighted and happy and felt very loved and special.
We made a feast of a dinner and desert then headed down to the beach with some friends of ours for some beers and a bonfire. The sky burned red as the sun went down and then to our utter delight and awe a blood moon rose over the horizon. A huge, wonderful supermoon. It was incredible and left us reeling until the next day.
Later that week work had a little surprise celebration for him. Ena and I called in and the staff had arranged a cake and several beers were drank with his boss and workmates. We hopped into the van and I drove us home with a big bunch of balloons tied onto the roof merrily popping all the way.
When we got home I showed him the present that his great friends had brought for him while he had been at work...4 beautiful point of lay pullets for his hen house. With his work uniform still on he set to work securing the hen house and getting to know them . Work well done as he was rewarded with our first egg the next morning.
He had not even finished sorting out the hens when his buddies called for to take him out and surprised him with a trip to Kinsale where they had tapas and many drinks and a lot of fun, and his final (and much needed) gift for the week was a day off from work the next day!
He had a great time and I think he really felt celebrated and loved.
Happy Birthday Darling xx

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