Monday, December 7, 2015


 There have been needles flying this weekend here Under Rainbows.
When Rebe was still tiny my mum made a beautiful advent calendar. 24 little red gingham bags tied with green ribbon pegged onto a red cord. Every year she makes such an effort and sends or brings a box filled with little gifts and chocolates to fill the bags. The kids take it in turns each morning to open the bag, receive a gift and deal out the chocolates. On Friday it was Rebe's turn to open the advent calendar.She got this beautiful cross stitch. At first she was a little hesitant but after the first row became completely addicted.
 After 6 hours straight stitching on Saturday whilst listening to a Harry Potter audiobook she had finished it!
 Benny wanted to try as well. I managed to get large Aida in town and we made a simple pattern for him to follow and he is now also addicted. Didn't they do well.
 And as everyone else was stitching I joined in...
 a tooth pillow for Benny whose 2 front teeth are very wobbly and will soon come out.
I also started working on the large pile of repairs I had....
I left Benny's jeans a little late though and something moved in before I could put a patch on the hole. Now he says I can't patch them on the 'thing' that has moved in won't be able to get back out. Oh well!
This little lady is going through some massive changes at the moment. She has been eating solid food for a couple of weeks now. She showed little sign of sitting up or clapping until last Thursday when she all of a sudden just did both, perfectly. We think that is how Ena will be, just like her birth, no sign of it at all then all of a sudden completely mastered! All these changes, and the slow emergence of her teeth are taking their toll on her though, her sleep is very disturbed and she is cranky with it all. Poor thing, but it will all pass and we are just taking it one day at a time.


  1. Dear Laura, oh my word Ena is so darling!!!
    Wren is going through changes right now too and has been very fussy... It's taking its toll to be honest!
    Ena's pixie hat is exactly what I want to make, can you tell me the pattern?
    Much love,

    1. it was a gift mel, but i'm sure i saw something on rav that was similar xxx

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