Friday, January 8, 2016


painted 1st January 2016
 I have started this year feeling so good. I feel excited and very optimistic about the coming year.
 Last year had some big changes in it: Ena arrived, Garry went back to work, Joa started school and although we have taken all of these changes in our stride, and none of them have been anything but good and positive, change takes time. Adjustment to a new way of being.
But I feel we have now done this, we have learned our new grooves and we are heading into the new year in a safe and happy place.
I feel very strongly that this year will be a year of abundance for us. I feel the universe is going to shower us with everything that we need and more.
Don't get me wrong though, I don't anticipate that life is somehow going to be on hold, I am sure that this year will also bring new challenges and changes. in fact the first card I drew from my 'Crazy, Sexy Love Notes' (a gift to myself for the new year) is this one...
and the last sentence on the flipside:
'The universe always has your back'
Which has been my mantra for several years now.
So, you are welcome 2016 with everything that you bring, and for all of it we are grateful!


  1. WOW! I have one of those cards too - but didn't notice the back!

    1. this is the deck Lucy, I treated myself for the new year, love them!