Sunday, January 10, 2016

not dolls...

Even though I took all of December off from making dolls, I didn't of course stop making things.
I have really enjoyed being free to make what I wanted to without feeling guilty that I should be working on people's orders. I am going to try and balance that a bit more this year: doll making and making other things including some more clothes for the kids.
Anyway here are a few of the projects that I worked on...

 A knitted robin, I've had this pattern for several years and never made the time to knit it. There is a little nest to make too and 3 tiny eggs that tuck under the tail feathers.
Poor Ena, I have been hankering to knit rainbow dungarees for a long time, too and had the yarn for ages. It is a drops recycled cotton and I love the colours. I made them very bloomer-y and I hope that they will grow with her.
Around Christmas time we watched Mr Magorium's Wonder Emporium In it there is a little sad sock monkey who sits on a shelf and every time anyone walks past him he holds out his arms for a hug. Well it broke Joa's heart and he asked me to make him one. I was surprised how quick it was, I found a pattern online and made him out of 3 old socks. Rebe and I had fun for several days afterwards making him clothes, she made the trousers for him and I knitted his jumper and hat.
 Today, because he needs them, I made Joa a matching pair of trousers complete with 'peekers' another long time request.

The kids are always busy making things too and I am really enjoying listening and watching them play at the moment with what they make.
Benny made an I-pad out of kinetic sand
Rebe made a mask out of an old cereal box

They have made themselves a wonderful minecraft handbook to help them should they ever get a minecraft game

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