Sunday, March 19, 2017

signs of spring...

my friends beautiful drive way

first rhubarb
St Patrick's Day craft at Buddies Homeschool

all dressed to support daddy and the RNLI at the parade

amazing sun reflections on the kitchen wall

hello flowers

basking in the sunshine

muddy knees
'the shorts'
It feels like spring here, aside from changeable weather, there are so many signs of spring. There has been lots of outdoor play, I have enjoyed watching the buds and flowers emerge on the trees on my daily walk, St Patricks day always marks spring for me too. But the real sign of spring must be that I have washed 'the shorts', the ones he will put on in a few weeks and not take off again until the end of autumn!!
I am so happy the sun is returning, the equinox is tomorrow and energies are rising.
What signs of spring are meaningful for you?

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