Saturday, March 16, 2013

bean cake and treasure

Today, after the success of the chickpea and apple cake, I tried out a kidney bean chocolate recipe:
 It is so good, moist and tasty especially with cream and some strawberries). There is sugar in this one, but I think I will tweak it a bit, add some banana, reduce the sugar and fat. I'll let you know how I get on.
 It was certainly enjoyed by us all.

 Benny is really enjoying his treasure box. Since I gave it to him he has been putting special little things into it.
 With his permission I have taken some pictures of what he has put in it so far.
 Surely it is as good as a portrait, the contents of a four year old's treasure box.
 The most prized possession: one of Jack's whiskers
The contents of Benny's treasure box March 2013


  1. Aw! What a treasure trove in the's a privilege to get a sneak peek!

    1. it's great isn't it, I think I'll have to do a series of these, the kids will love looking back on it

  2. Hey Laura, I too love to sneak a peak into Katie's treasure box (this weeks prize was a dead bumblebee she found on the walk down to school!) Also LOVE your new blog banner - gorgeous xx

    1. Hi Lou, a dead bumble bee, I love it!!! Thanks, I'm so pleased with the banner, it was painted by a lovely friend of mine. I can't wait to hang the original on my wall too! x