Monday, March 11, 2013

spring cleaning

Yay, the new cable has done the trick and I am back with pictures again. 
going to add some pussy willow to the wreath

I won't try and fill in all the details of the last few weeks, it's been a busy time ( when is it not). The main thing for me is that I feel finally nearing a place where we can get back into a normal routine and that soon the kids will be going to visit with their dad without me. This is good for them, but also good for me. I have missed having time alone, I have especially missed running and I hope to start again this week.
So with this feeling of new starts came a clearing, sorting and tidying:

The shed was one of the biggest jobs, it was filled with Andy's fishing gear and just general junk, but I tackled it and Andy collected the rest of his gear and it is now like this:
the cleared shed

 We are preparing the green house (under instructions from a friend who is holding my hand with the garden this year) for wee small plants...
 and Rebe has her own room.
She had been sharing with me since autumn, but I came to realise that she did need her own space. So when my mum came to stay last week, she very kindly helped us to paint and rearrange and she even bought Rebe a lovely new duvet and cover.
 Rebe's very happy there, and I am also quite glad to have a space to call my own again.

As you can see from previous posts I am happily doll making in the evenings...
 and finding time for other things too like a spot of painting...

and sewing/ upcycling
 It was mother's day yesterday and although we don't really celebrate it in this house I got a lovely card from Benny:
me holding a butterfly

 and a really bright, cheerful one from Rebe too:
 She also brought me coffee in bed (made from water from the hot tap yuck yuck).

Benny has been poorly the last 2 days. He has started going to pre-school 2 mornings a week. He is so proud and so excited to be going and has settled in beautifully. However of course it means he will bring home all sorts of bugs...
 So he has been listening to lots of stories and napping.

So life is good,
 light is incredible
 and my knitting bag is clear...
Now is that not a philosophy for life :-)


  1. ahhh love reading posts like this. refreshing and good. ~Kristin