Friday, March 8, 2013

flower fairies

Today the sun came out and shone down tempting flowers to open their buds and with them emerged these two sweet little flower fairies here under rainbows.
They are a pair of 11 inch custom order dolls that I finished working on last night. I really loved making them, they were such fun!
Each wee doll is made in the traditional waldorf style, with hand embroidered blue eyes and a wee mouth and their cheeks are blushed with a little red wax.
This doll is for a little girl whose favourite colour is purple and she is named after a flower (can you guess which one?). Her dress is made of cotton and has a net lining. Underneath which she is wearing a pair of white broad anglais bloomers. She has a purple cotton cardi with a matching lily hat. 

 I loved making up the patterns for the hats and I am so pleased with how they came out.

 Their wings are made of a double layer of contrasting wool felt and they have loops of ribbons so they can be slipped on and off. I love how the ribbons look with an extra length hanging from the back of the wings.
 Her sister doll is inspired by the mama's favourite flower: the blue hydrangea and I was so thrilled to find the perfect fabric for her dress. It is a little longer than her sisters dress to get the full effect of the print.
 Under her dress she has light blue cotton bloomers.
 Such sweet little sisters!
I hope they bring much joy, pleasure and magic to the sisters they are going off to join in real life :-)

***my camera is still not behaving itself and won't hold any charge, even with a new battery it won't do it, I'm hoping a new USB cable will do the trick or it will have to go to the shop to be repaired, so although I am managing to snap a few shots of dolls (so that they can go into the shop) I am not getting to carry it around as usual to capture moments of our lives here...I am hoping the matter will soon be resolved as I have so much to show you and tell you about***

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  1. Absolutely delightful. Well done on such lovely dolls.