Thursday, August 8, 2013

holiday home days

The holidays are slipping by faster than I always think they will. We have spent lots of time at home the last week or so with a sprinkling of visits to the shop or the beach. We have had lots of visitors though which has been lovely. The weather is pretty changeable so we have had lots of indoor play (while I have been doing lots of knitting and reading and a little birthday crafting). Here are a few moments from the week: 
Rebe is (I think) a kangaroo carrying this explorer in the sling

Joa's never ending love of dogs

 3 of his dogs (called dogger, seven and Katie) eating yoghurt under the table

Rebe bought herself this dog with her pocket money from the charity shop and made him this harness and lead.

I spent a lovey evening updating my endo-something book
This morning the window cleaner came, this is pretty much a bi-annual highlight for the kids who follow him all over the house supervising (and undoing) a lot of his work. He's lovely though, very tolerant and didn't mind having jokes fired at him from Rebe's Ha Ha Bonk Book while he was high up a ladder.

Benny helped him and was even allowed to borrow some window cleaning equipment

the shed has been converted to a 'Tiger Club' club house

I managed to set the castle up again..I don't think I swore once even though we've lost the instructions

we've all been reading lots too
So all is good and peaceful here Under Rainbows, hope it is good for you too!


  1. the holidays do always slip by way faster than you think they will when they are just beginning. Enjoy them while they last! I love the dogs under the table x

    1. i's crazy how fast august goes by, yes we're cherishing every moment :-)

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