Thursday, August 29, 2013

starting school, Benny's first day

Somehow my beautiful, long, exciting summer holiday has drawn to an end and this morning I woke to school starting up for us again. But this time...
 There were 2 lunch boxes to fill
 and 2 school bags packed with new books and pencil cases waiting, because dear Benny started school today.
 He told it me it was his 'best most proud day' and he was so excited and happy to get dressed in his school uniform. Doesn't he look so grown up and so smart!!
 The morning was slightly more challenging for and with Rebe. Pretty much everything was wrong and awful for her. She is so incredibly sensitive to change and anxieties and requires much more patience than either of the boys do (patience I found it had to muster this morning I have to say!).
Never the less we got off on time and went to collect Andy from his house to walk the 2 minutes to school together so that he could be there to see Benny in on his first day.
 I think this photo pretty much sums up how they were both feeling being there!

 After we dropped them off, Benny impatient to be getting on with the business of being a school boy, Andy and I had a good chance for a chat while Joa played. Things seem to be progressing a little better between us and he now feels ready to engage in a mediation process to formalise our separation. This is great news for all of us giving us more security, we are also now talking of him having the children over night on a regular basis, which will also be good for all of us.
Joa and I returned home to a very quiet house and baked some rolls and made some soup.

 I did a bit of work in the green house and picked some of the cucumbers that are ripe ready for pickling.

We picked up both the kids (at separate times) both tired out and fairly grumpy, so we had a snack and they watched a dvd while Joa napped then we all went and did Benny's home work which was to play outside.
 We took a pot of soup and some rolls to the green at the top of our street
 and played until bedtime.
I asked Benny what his overall impression of school was like, he said it was great fun but he had to do 'a lot of sitting down'... well yes, but I hope all of his school days will be happy for him :-)


  1. Your new little schoolboy looks soooo sweet in those photos!!! You must be so proud! I love your last picture, it looks kind of like here...

    1. it was a lovely way to spend the day, I find my whole outlook on life so different if I don't get outside in the day, so it was a welcome change sitting up there looking at that feeling the breeze and hearing the kids play! Yes I am proud of dear Benny and he looks so sweet in his uniform :-)

  2. Oh wow! Benny's getting so big! I'm so glad to hear that things are moving along for you.

    1. yes me too, I am glad that it seems that andy may be finally ready to move forwards somewhat, but I am learning patience at the moment, a lesson that will make life much easier for me if I can grasp it better ;-) love to you x x

    2. Oh yes, patience. Three kids later and I'm still finding that I haven't gotten that one under control enough. We could all do with a little more patience, I think. (:

  3. Tom started on Wednesday and had a very similar complaint to Benny's " it's ok, but quite a bit boring all I did was have to sit on my chair" bless them!!! He was very excited going in today because I think he thinks this is his last day, he said he couldn't wait to have his school holidays again tomorrow ..........