Monday, September 30, 2013

a week of doll making

The last week has seen me very happily working away on quite a few wee dolls. I am so enjoying being back in the doll making groove again, I thought I'd share some of my work with you...

This hound dog is his birthday present. He is a massive Elvis fan and as I can't ever seem to give a present that is not handmade I thought I'd make him his own wee under rainbows doll
I really loved making him. He's about 5 inches tall including his hair ;-) and is complete with wiggly hips, flares and side burns.
All of the other doll making I did this week were snuggle buddies, here are some of them, I think there are 2 more not pictured that I worked on...

 I don't think this week will be as busy sewing wise, but I am so enjoying it. Oh and I finished my dress too, I will try and find someone to take some pictures for me :-)


  1. Goodness! You've been busy! I'm so glad to see you enjoying the craft again. (:

  2. Laura, I cannot get over how fabulous that Elvis doll is!!! HUGS

    1. thanks mel, he made me giggle making him x x

  3. Oh my goodness- Elvis! You are amazing Laura!