Tuesday, September 17, 2013

and there among the cucumber plants, I saw a fairy...

a wee custom project I finished this afternoon. A tiny (possibly 5 inches) doll. She was so fun to make her with sparkly magical tights and her felt boots, hat and wings :-)


  1. Great job on the fairy! She looks like lots of fun. :-)

  2. OH my!!! That is so precious. I would love to learn how to make one of these. Did you follow a tutorial??

    1. hello :-) thanks, no I just made her up as I went along, I ahve made several of these doll house sized dolls now and have developed my own patterns. You're the 2nd person who has asked me about tutorials today, so perhaps I will do one at some point :-) x

  3. I too would love to make one of these, she is just beautiful. Thank you and best wishes.

  4. love the pic of her just kicking back - too cute!