Saturday, September 14, 2013

gotta love saturday mornings

There is something so lovely about Saturday mornings. I love the contrast of not setting the alarm for 6am, of not having to pack lunches and bags and get dressed in uniforms and get into the car by such and such a time. 
Instead I wake naturally on Saturdays, we get up slowly, the kids giggling and whispering away to each other. We eat a lazy breakfast, everyone what they would like. 
This morning Benny and Rebe wanted to do some baking with blackberries they picked at dusk last night
 so I left them to it and went into the living room to do some yoga. During the summer holidays I did this nearly every morning, but even getting up at 6am I haven't managed to find the time to slot it into my school mornings.
 I don't do anything fancy, but I put on this track and do sun salutations and warrior poses and a shoulder stand until the track ends.
 Although sometimes my flowing poses are a little stilted by my funny little yoga companion :-)
playdoh play
the finished biscuits

pastry topped with sprinkles, a blackberry and stuck with cloves.
 I'm not sure how lovely these biscuits were. Rebe said they were pretty rotten but Benny ate all of them so they couldn't have been that bad. They made the rest of the blackberries into cordial which actually is pretty good!

The other thing I like to do on a Saturday is my cleaning. I don't have much time during the week and I have a firm rule that I do NO housework at all once the kids are in bed. I consider that my time, so by the end of the week the house can look pretty shocking. So the kids do the old Saturday morning tradition of watching cartoons in pajamas's while I whizz around and clear up things like:
 floury footprints on the mat
 and the playroom that has not been tidied all week.
What better way to start a weekend than with a tidy house, peace and the smell of (unusual) baking :-)
Happy weekend to you x


  1. Is that Jack? Did he come back after his and Benny's altercation?

    1. yes it's jack he was back that same night, he's a tough cat...he has to be ;-P

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