Sunday, March 2, 2014

a custom doll I finished
I can't quite believe it's been nearly 2 weeks since I was last here in this space! Life has been so full and busy. There's been so much going on; appointments and play dates, visits from friends, school to-ing and fro-ing, doll making and general household busy-ness.
the kids are having lots of fun with old newspapers
Garry has been very poorly so we have been minding him here as best we can, looking after the dogs and trying to let him rest as much as he can (which in a house with 3 kids, 3 dogs and a cat is no mean feat!) but he's thankfully on the mend.
bin lorry excitement
We had a few days off school the week before last for half term. We had a visit from my dear friend Lucy and her kids. On the Friday I went for a really wonderful spa day, my Christmas present from Garry. I swam in the salt water pool, languished in the sauna and steam room, then I had a 90 minute treatment called 'the Sunshine experience' which was just divine. I relaxed on a lounger over looking stormy waves breaking onto the beach below and I treated myself to lunch in the restaurant. I was floating I tell you!

 On Saturday I spent the day preparing for my doll workshop, baking and cooking and cleaning:
quiche and spelt soda bread
doll making workshop
 Sunday was the day of the workshop and it was so amazing. The women who came were so lovely and the dolls they made were simply amazing. Especially as some of them hadn't sewn anything since they were at school. Everyone went home with a finished or very nearly finished doll and I have heard from them since that their kids love them. I will definitely be running more workshops in the future it was such a satisfying, special experience.

some of the finished dolls
The following day I was poorly. I don't know if I had over done it at the workshop, but I suspect it was a bug because I felt quite sick for a few days afterwards. However Garry was here and minded me, taking over the household chores for the day. It did mean that I missed singing again this week, and I could only run once, but I am so hoping to get back into my old routine and rhythm soon.

I will leave you with a few pictures that I found on my camera that make me smile:

Rebe carved this whistle for Garry out of a carrot

Benny sings the blues

Joa and his best buddy Spartacus

Joa with his baby in a ironic that I make dolls yet this boy prefers to carry around a milk bottle baby! Still I love his imaginative play.


  1. I started wondering if you forgot about your blog :-P.
    Lovely to hear you had a pamper day, definitely needed with three kids, and lovely to see how Gerry's dogs and your kids are bonding.
    I do admire Rebe's creativity, she has such brilliant ideas and brings them to reality.
    Hopefully the storms and bugs are all gone and we can all enjoy the sweet spring days.

    1. hello :-) yes I just wasn't finding the time to sit down and write. I know Garry's dogs and the kids get on so well, it's really lovely for both of us to see and the kids and dogs love each other's company :-) I am also feeling spring in the air, taking deep breaths every time I look at the garden knowing how much work there is to be done!!!

  2. Wow, those dolls are wonderful - sounds like the workshop was a great success.

    1. oh it was Emma, I was so impressed with the love and creativity everyone put into their work, it was a very special experience and I will definitely be doing more in the future!

  3. I wish I could attend one of your workshops! I hope you are all feeling better!