Tuesday, March 11, 2014

a stolen afternoon

Yesterday afternoon Garry needed to get some xrays done at the hospital in Bantry. He's still really quite poorly so I offered to drive him. Andy kindly had the kids and after a quick and smooth drive down west and an equally quick and smooth appointment we found ourselves in beautiful Bantry, with the spring sun shining down and some hours to ourselves.
We walked down to the pier and Garry pointed out Whiddy Island to me; a tiny island in the middle of Bantry bay. A tiny island steeped in history, a tiny island with only a few houses and a pub. He had spent a couple of very happy years running this pub and living the island life.
 How green I was, looking out at this beautiful, idyllic place, being bemused and regaled with stories of the locals, long walks around the island, catching fresh fish and scallops for breakfast. Doesn't it just sound like heaven?!
We walked back into the town and found an amazing little deli for lunch. A rainbow of salads, fresh baked brown bread and a delicious 'chino.

 I remembered my camera was in the car so I grabbed it on our way back to the pier for a last look around.
 When we got there we found this little fishing boat had tied up,
 Garry remembered it belonged to an old friend of his on the island so we searched my bag and our pockets for pen and paper so he could leave him a note to say hello.

When we got home Garry surprised me with the cook book from the gorgeous deli, a very sweet reminder of our beautiful, stolen afternoon in Bantry.


  1. Love Bantry - one of my fav places in Ireland.

  2. Precious moments in a beautiful place, but pity that the reason is Garry being poorly. Fingers crossed he will recover soon and the rest of you will stay well!

  3. What a lovely day and a lovely thought from Garry to get you that book, you are lucky. xx

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