Friday, March 7, 2014

Buddies ~ pancake day

**In September 2011 6 families got together and started Buddies Home School. Each week we meet in each other's home and follow a simple rhythm: movement and music, craft/ baking, snack time, free play and story time. Each part of the session is led by a different family. We are sharing this week's session with you here...***
We celebrated pancake day on Wednesday this year :-)
We had a slow leisurely start to our morning with tea and chat and play.

 We made 2 sorts of pancakes, spelt and buttermilk scotch pancakes and buckwheat crepes.
 The Buddies helped to sift the flour
 measure the buttermilk
 crack the egg
 and mix.
Then while Beth and Flo slaved over the hob cooking the pancakes the Buddies played together some more,
 and ate warm hot pancakes drizzled with honey
 or with sugar and lemon
 and of course there was more tea :-)
After the cooking and the eating and the playing we gathered in a circle and sang songs and then read 'Helpers' by Shirley Hughes.
What a yummy Buddies session it was :-)

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