Tuesday, December 16, 2014

the tree and meeting santa

Last Saturday we had such a lovely day. We decorated the tree (well the kids and Garry did while I took pictures and supervised from a restful place on the sofa)

it's so lovely to find favourite decorations again

the angel on top and a few silly poses to finish off...

 Then we wrapped up warm and headed to the lovely little cafe in our village to meet Santa.
There were lots of other people waiting to see him, lots of our friends and neighbours to chat with.
Mrs Claus was in a tent with a little heater reading stories to the children...

 We sipped on some mulled wine (non-alcoholic for me and the kids) and tasted all the baked goodies on offer until the elves called our names and it was our turn.
 We followed the path lit by tea lights up through the aviary in the cafe's garden.
 At the end of the path was Santa's hut,
 and inside the big man himself.
 He chatted with the kids. Asking them questions and agreeing that yes he had seen them the day before at school and preschool. He told them he fed the reindeer sausages! And asked them to leave him out some milk and cookies on Christmas Eve. Then he asked the kids to sing Jingle Bells for him, which we all did with gusto and he said to make sure we sing it again on Christmas Eve before the fire so he will know where we are.
 Then he gave each child a lolly and a little bag of treats.
When we had said our thank you's and see you soon's we had another listen to Mrs Claus' stories before heading off.
It was such a lovely, special experience, really understated and very reasonable, all profits going to charity. It was so nice too, being local, meeting people we knew and the food and drink offered by lots of elf helpers was gorgeous and home made. Carols were sung and we just loved every second.
Not quite ready to go home we went to the pub a few doors up and sat by the fire chatting with some friends and looking at all the little things Santa had given the kids.
 To end the evening we went 'dessoration' spotting on the way home. Stopping off at the promenade to sing another chorus of Jingle Bells under the village tree.
 Just as we were leaving the house that afternoon Garry had switched on all the twinkly Christmas lights so as we approached our house we were greeted by this beautiful, warm, cosy glow...
It was such a lovely day and has the makings of 'family tradition'. Talking of which, I was talking with Rebe about something we did last year: One evening before Christmas we had all cuddled into the living room together to watch Narnia. We had the fire blazing and Garry made hot chocolate with whipped cream served with shortbread. I asked did she remember doing that last year (the only the time we did this) and she replied, 'Yes and when we did the year before, and the year before that and the year before that.'
Isn't it funny how it made such a strong impression on her that she remembers it being a life long tradition.
This is what we give them isn't really? Memories so strong they last a life time!


  1. Oh! How beautiful Laura! I wish you many more days like this one throughout the holidays. Sarah xx

  2. Aw thank you Sarah, it really was special and I wish for you countless special days too x