Monday, December 29, 2014

Christmas 2014

For us the run up to Christmas was every bit as special as the big day itself. I think if the focus is on Christmas day alone then the whole experience is very short lived. So we have really made the most of and relished all of the wonderful festive activities on the run up. Aside from all the wonderful things I already blogged about we finished school (as usual limping towards the end tired and with colds and sneezes) with Joa's little pre-school concert which was just brilliant. The wee ones were so sweet dressed in their wee festive clothes and with Christmassy face paint. They sang three little songs and shook their shakers with glee. It was short but very, very sweet :-)
The days between school ending and Christmas Eve was taken up with making decorations, shopping, finding recipes, preparing food and writing cards.
On Christmas Eve we met up with several other families in the pub. It was early evening, a good time to have a few drinks and wish each other a merry Christmas. About half an hour after we arrived we took all the kids outside to see if we could spot Santa flying over head. We had seen on the weather forecast that he was due to fly over Ireland between 17.20pm and 17.26pm. The kids all lined up outside the pub and kept a sharp eye out. It seemed to take ages so we decided to sing Jingle Bells to see if that would bring him along our way faster...and it did, we spotted the magical glow of Santa's sleigh slowly passing overhead. It was so exciting and seeing the children's faces was so lovely.

 We headed off home, put out the stockings and a treat for Santa and then after a few stories tucked the wee ones up in bed. Poor Rebe had a very hard time getting to sleep but eventually all were quiet.

Christmas Day was filled with magic from the moment we woke (at 7am, very civilized!)
 Santa had been able to bring the things the children had wished for. For Rebe a diary and a Tin Tin book, for Benny an electric train and for Joa a garage for his cars. He also brought lots of other wonderful treats and surprises too. We also had gorgeous and thoughtful gifts from friends and relatives.
 We feel very lucky to have all of these wonderful new things to play with and do!
 While the kids were busy playing with their new things Garry and I headed for the kitchen to prepare the dinner...

chocolate biscuit cake shaped like a christmas pud
 While the dinner was in the oven we went down the village for an hour to wish our friends and neighbours a happy Christmas and at home again we skyped with my family in the UK.

 The feast was nearly ready, just the trimmings and setting the table with Rebe's help and then we ate until we could eat no more.
After dinner I dropped the kids to Andy so they could spend part of the day with him and stay over for Boxing Day. Garry and I spent a peaceful and happy evening together.
the sunset on our Boxing Day walk

It was a wonderful Christmas, filled with everything I could have asked for. I hope yours was too!

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