Friday, December 12, 2014


holly & ivy

 Winter is well on the way here. The temperature has dropped. After such a mild autumn it is feeling cold...and my coat hardly fits over my bump anymore!
 We are starting to prepare for Christmas. A few days ago Garry, Joa, the dogs and I went to the woods to collect some ever greens to make wreathes and decorations for the house.

 We have made a lovely wreath for the front room and the boys made little ones to have in their room.
As well as getting into the spirit at home; slowly decorating the house, finishing off our shopping and thinking about (although not actually doing yet) writing our cards, Christmas do's are happening:
 The RNLI Christmas Ball. Held at the local hotel, organised single handedly by Garry. It was a brilliant night, made extra special by 2 of his brothers and their partners coming down and sharing it with us. We had so much fun and as I spent my beer money on raffle tickets I cleaned up and won some lovely prizes. We had a lovely wee dance and a nice meal, lots of chat and an awful lot of laughter.
 The school had their Christmas play which was simply brilliant. Rebe was an angel. She was handing out slices of cake as we arrived. Benny was a robin. It was so sweet and so funny and I only cried twice which is a minor miracle in itself!

Today is a big day for the kids. Santa is coming to Joa's preschool to visit the kids and then staying on to see the After School Club that Benny goes to. And at Rebe and Benny's school there is a Christmas Party with a prize for the most festive costume. So yesterday we baked in preparation. It was like a Christmas baking factory I tell you!
 Joa made a chocolate cake...

 Benny made Honey cakes and Peppernuts

 Rebe did the icing.
 Wow, I was tired after all that and didn't want to be in the kitchen anymore so Garry made dinner:
 they had bacon and cabbage and I had roasted butternut squash with walnuts and goats cheese.
Lately Garry does most of the cooking. He's really enjoying it, making up new recipes and we are really enjoying eating it!!
So off the kids went to school this morning, all dressed up. Joa in a smart tie, shirt and favourite trousers, Benny as Father Christmas and Rebe as a Christmas Tree.
 I can't wait to pick them up again to hear all about it.
I hope you are having a wonderful winter time too :-)


  1. Love all the baking and costumes! Really adorable costumes (and kiddos)!!! Sarah xx

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