Wednesday, March 29, 2017

happy creating

Benny's wire sculpture bird

my painting of Ena, Rebe's origami crane mobile, Benny's wood picture
Ena's Birthday Cardi

possibly a cable tank top?

Brock's badger

I am knitting again, it is making me so happy. I have bought yarn for several projects and I feel a bubble of excitement every time I look at the beautiful colours, imagine knitting them, think of the children wearing or playing with them.
 I have started going to a little knit and natter group that has started here in the local community shop. It is so lovely to sit with other people, knitting, chatting, drinking coffee. It is especially nice because it is in the morning on one of Garry's days off, so I only bring little Brock who sits happily in his carseat playing with his toes and smiling at everyone, leaving me with my hands free. And because it is in the morning I am not too tired, going cross eyed looking at the stitches or unable to fathom what the pattern is saying which is the way I mostly feel knitting in the evening after kiddies bedtime.
Doll making still feels very far away but I am so enjoying knitting.

one of our beach bonfires last year, drawn by Joa, painted by me
I have also been doing a little painting in the evenings when all the babies are in bed. One thing I love doing is colouring in the kids' drawings. We have many of these collaborative projects hanging on the walls around the house.
I have actually set up a little faebook page to see if anyone else would like me to add a splash of colour to their children's drawings. Do pop by and have a look and a 'like'.
birds by Joa, painted by me

The children continue to try out new crafts and ways to create. Benny's prefered medium at the moment is copperwire. Santa brought him some coppersmithing equipment for Christmas that he asked for after trying out coppersmithing at Townlands Carnival last summer. Rebe on the other hand is working in chocolate quite a lot, she has made chocolate lollies, paper and pencils among other things of late...all of which were eaten before I had the chance to photograph them.


  1. What a lovely bunch of creative children you are raising! Beautiful creations, all.

  2. Thanks Anna, they are amazing wee people alright!!