Friday, May 6, 2011

a close up

of our nature table... In the centre of our dinning table we have a little display of special objects that we have found and made. They make a lovely centre piece and certainly jolly up the table a lot. I like too that the children feel their creations and finds are valued.

Hazel and Beech leaves collected by Andy and the kids to help us learn the difference between the two (the Hazel has a serrated edge)

A nest in a jar made by Rebe

our collection of birds egg shells that we've found

a tiny vase for Benny's daisies

A salt dough cat with her bowl of tuna made by Rebe

A very happy star needle felted by Rebe.

Our display changes daily and is certainly loved by all.


  1. Laura, yours is the best kind of nature table! I've seen so many nature tables that are all "store bought waldorf" things- and they do not embody a true nature display, as handmade and gathered things do!
    Have a beautiful weekend!

  2. Thanks Melanie, I agree with you about the store bought displays I have seen, I would be scared to play with them as a child, and surely that's what it is all about? Connecting your child with nature and celebrating and exploring that collection. Good (dry) weekend to you all too x