Tuesday, May 10, 2011

snippets of our afternoon

Such a beautiful afternoon, we spent most of it in the garden. Me with my knitting... Notice my ring? Isn't it lovely? It belonged to my grandmother. She always wore it and it was the thing of hers that I asked to have when she died. It was too big for me though until my friend's husband resized it for me in exchange for giving him a few tips on setting up an etsy shop. His work is lovely, and he's doing a wee custom job for me at the moment ;-) I'm delighted to ba able to wear my grandmothers ring.

Rebe made a picnic...

She made these herself... I wasn't too keen on the honey, golden syrup and branston pickle one though!

Joa ate that one! Benny was in charge of the squash

oh I just can't get enough of these baby curls!

fresh baked bread

a bit of dancing and twirling

a pencil left on the floor

veggies chopped for dinner

It was a nice afteroon (if only bedtime had been that peaceful lol).



  1. Very nice looking afternoon love the blue mouth!

  2. I love this post!
    I love that ring, Laura- it is so beautiful, and so meaningful! I am glad you get to wear it!
    I had to laugh at Joa's blue mouth, we've found Ezri that way more than once! And Joa's curls are to die for, as is his pretty face. :)