Tuesday, May 3, 2011

rainy days and back to school

As if to mark the end of the school holidays it began to rain yesterday... In a way it was a nice end to such a glorious, long break from school. It brought us back into the house and to centre, to prepare for returning to the school routine.

We made salves in the morning. The oil is olive oil infused with calendula blossom that we grew and dried last summer. We left it to steep on the window sill in the bright spring sunshine for a few days. We did nothing more than add a little beeswax and lavender oil before bottling it.

I think you can see the sunshine in it!

We've played with the dolls house. I had been saving up this little lot. I had originally got these little things for the dolls house for Christmas time but I didn't need to use them. It's so lovely how just one or two extra props will spark renewed interest.

Crowding around to read stories.

This wee man has 2 new teeth and loves eating apples. I just peel the skin and keep an eye on him. He really enjoys them :-)

Today after our morning jobs and while Rebe was at school the boys and I went to the woods for a walk.

Every time I step into these woods I feel like I'm stepping into a picture. Actually, one of the very first paintings I ever sold was of these very woods. I was living in Cobh at the time and was expecting Rebe. Andy and I visited here on a day trip and I painted the picture in oils from a photo I took that day. The painting was bought by a lovely man who just happened to see it as I walked past holding it. He asked if he could buy it for him wife as an anniversary present, he had proposed to her 20 years before on that very spot. How lovely is that!

What's not so lovely is that not everyone respects these beautiful woods the way we do...

We brought home this crate of empty bottles and cans we found strewn around by weekend revellers. I try to encourage the kids to help clean up natural places as a way to say thank you for being allowed to play there and enjoy it. I guess it's all we can do, that and make sure that we raise our kids with the respect for their natural home that I wish all people would instill in their kids and demonstrate themselves.


  1. Today I had 2 ladies here to assess Annie for early intervention. As they were leaving one of the gasped. When I turned round she was pointing at the painting you did of the twins. She is an artist herself and could not get over your lovely painting. XXXX

  2. Laura . . . .I did not know you are an artist too! I am not surprised! Now I want to see some of your work- I would love for you to do a post where you showcase some of it. :)
    We're getting your special package ready!

  3. oh that's a sweet story Amy, I actually came across the photo of the painting yesterday!
    Melanie, I will oblige, I stopped painting while pregnant with Benny, but I will host a wee exhibtion (but you'll hvae to bring your own cheese and wine lol). Very excited about the package :-)