Thursday, June 23, 2011

A Mouse's Tale

A story... (My Mouse) by Rebe **the following story is in Rebe's own words, she often processes life events is through writing stories about them**

Once upon a time Tiny caught a mouse and I saved it.
I put my wellies on and climbed through the hole in the fence into the field. I scared Tiny away.

(look at the utter concern and tenderness on her heart melts!)

I got him in my hands very gently. I got a box that had an old blue tits nest in it. I wanted to put him in it to keep him safe but...

... he ran up my sleeve.

He wouldn't come back out so I had to take off my dress. He was curled up inside it.

I gently lifted him into the box and he scurried under the nest. I put a plate on top of it like a lid and put him in the utility room while I ate my dinner.

After dinner I took him into the garden.

I really wanted to keep him.

My daddy told me that I couldn't, that he was a wild animal and it was kinder to let him go.

I found a gap in the hedge and gently lifted him out of the box.

I gave him a last little cuddle and then I let him go. He stopped on my hand just long enough to say 'Thank you'.

That night as I went to bed I felt very sad about it, but I was glad that I saved his life and then gave him his life back.


  1. That final sentence brought a tear to my eyes.

  2. Oh my goodness. This is so so so sweet. What a gentle and kind spirit Rebe has. Thanks for sharing Laura!

  3. Rebe is precious beyond words!

  4. Laura, this is just so precious- and I can imagine Asa or Ollie going through a very similar adventure! Good job, Rebe! <3