Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Rebe's space

Since Benny was 1, he and Rebe have always shared a room. About a month ago Joa joined them in their bedroom and things quickly descended into bedtime madness. Joa wasn't the problem, it was the fact that Rebe and Benny messed around. I would hear them giggling and banging around for ages. I'd go upstairs and they would be either nude or wearing every pair of pyjamas they had or they would be inside their duvet covers, or bouncing on the bed. Sleep time was getting later and later and as a consequence we were all pretty grumpy.

So Andy and I decided that it was time for a change. We moved Rebe into her own room. She now also has a later bedtime (the boys about 7pm and Rebe 8pm). We do one bath time and one story time. After that the little boys get tucked into their beds and settle down very quickly. Rebe goes into her room and has her own special quiet time...

She has her own little desk for drawing and doing her Animal of Farthing Woods magazines given to her by our neighbour.

He window sill with her own plants and worms and of course her trophy :-)

Rebe appropriate books and the little lego

the dolls house

It works really well, bedtimes are more peaceful and more appropriate for everyone. Rebe also has the chance to play with the toys that will get destroyed by the little boys.

For the past week my best friend has been here visiting with her husband and gorgeous little son.

It's been wonderful. We have talked and laughed and picnicked and walked and gone to the pub and shared all the jobs. I have loved the time together, it's been great therapy and I also had the chance to go out with Andy one evening.

So peaceful (apart from the grumpy angler next to me ;-0)

Because I was so busy looking at all the beauty around me I managed to miss pretty much all of my bites...

apart from this one (the only fish caught na na na na na!!)

Can you believe this wee man is going to be 1 the day after tomorrow?

hugs x


  1. I love this! What a wonderful solution. Thanks for sharing.

    Great fun with friends!

  2. I've been thinking of you Laura- glad to see you're having such a great time with your friend!
    Rebe's special space is wonderful- Ella also has her own room, used to share with Ollie. Ollie and Asa share, though I wish they could each have their own place! Someday.

  3. The picture of you and your fish is magical.

    Your sweet girl is growing up and getting her own space is a huge step.

  4. We're on the verge of doing this for Timmy, it's being obvious that it needs to be done - but we don't have a spare room so we're going to have to do a little creative thinking about partitions to get it to work.

    Thinking of you lots, and happy bday Joa!